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Sabong, also known as cockfighting, is a popular bloodsport in the Philippines, wherein two Gamefowls are made to fight each other. Sabong has for long been an integral part of Philippines culture and has a history of more than 2000 years. Today, online sabong is a favorite pastime for many within the country, with sabong fights happening daily and streamed to millions Live.

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Understanding the Concept of Online Sabong 

One can see sabong as a sport played at a variety of venues such as local festivals, regional celebrations, or at recognized fighting tournaments. With online sabong, punters within the Philippines and across the globe, can bet on these fights from the comfort of their home. They simply need access to the internet and either a desktop or an Android device or iPhone. Online sabong, as an activity, is legal within the Philippines and there are licensed online sabong operators, as recognized by PAGCOR.

To get started with betting on live sabong matches, players simply need to register with a recognized online sabong operator. But do remember, never bet more than you can afford to lose. Bet responsibly and bet within a budget.

Best Sabong Online Bookmakers in the Philippines

As mentioned, there are several licensed and regulated online sabong bookmakers in the Philippines. Their operations are strictly regulated by PAGCOR, and they are required to operate within certain strict parameters. If you are new to online sabong betting, check out the bookmakers we’ve mentioned below:

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  • 6D Sabong
  • SW418 Casino
  • Sabong 888
  • Pitmaster

Is Online Sabong Legal in the Philippines?

While there is a common misconception that E-sabong or online sabong has been made illegal in the country, this is not true. Online sabong betting is permitted for Filipino players, provided they do so with a regulated and licensed online bookmaker. Additionally, that are currently in place is only applicable for online bookmakers, local sabong matches and betting will continue to happen without any restrictions. To know about the regulations and updates regarding online sabong in the Philippines, follow our e-Sabong news page.

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It is to be noted that while the restrictions are in the place, Filipino nationals are not banned from betting on sabong matches themselves. Only the physical operation of such bookmakers is restricted within the country.

Why is Online Sabong Popular in the Philippines? 

The popularity of online sabong (eSabong) in the Philippines has rapidly increased since 2021. The rapid rise can be attributed to the pandemic at the time, and due to the emergence of several online sabong operators. Listed below are some of the key reasons why online sabong is so popular in the country:

  • Cockfighting has been a part of Filipino culture for centuries. It is often sport that is associated with bravery and masculinity. Online sabong websites help Filipinos to enjoy the betting aspect of the sport without having to leave their home.

  • The biggest advantage of online sabong is the fact that, you can watch and bet on sabong anytime, 24/7. Additionally, the odds and prize money available for each fight is better than most other online casino games.

  • As mentioned, what you can earn as winnings in online sabong is substantial and live changing money. However, we do not encourage punters more than they can afford to lose. Bet responsibly and only do it to enhance the thrill of the sport.
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Gamefowl Requirements for Online Sabong

As someone who is betting on online sabong fights, you’ll need to make yourself aware rules and regulations surrounding the Gamefowl.

  1. The Gamefowl picked to fight in a sabong fight should weigh more than 1.7KG and not more than 2.3KG. (The weight limits can vary based on whether it is a stag derby, bull derby, or cock derby)
  2. The weighting of the chickens happens on the day before the sabong fight, as decided by fight operator.
  3. Acceptance and rejection of a Gamefowl from participating in a fight is completely down to the fight operator.
  4. All matchups are decided through computerized matching (true only for online sabong operators).
  5. Double fights are not allowed.

Tips to Select an Online Sabong Operator

As of 2023, no sabong operators can legally run their operations within the Philippines. However, gambling on such events is still 100% legal in the country and punters can do so with online sabong operators. While these operators are still regulated by PAGCOR, there operations are not within the country and as such, can operate without any legal hassles. However, we encourage Filipino gamblers to do their research when selecting an online sabong operator. Look into their reviews, deposit, and payment options, and if there is an active customer support setup.

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Additionally, the Philippines does host several well-known sabong derbies that even attract coward and participants from other countries. Listed are a few of these competitions:

  • Master Breeders’ Cup 2023
  • Stag Derby 2023
  • World Pitmasters Cup 2023
  • Bull Derby 2023
  • World Slasher Cup 2023
  • Cock Derby 2023

*On November 5, 2023, Atong Ang’s World Pitmasters Cup will commence.

Local Cockpit Betting VS Online Sabong

As mentioned, due to existing suspension of eSabong activities in the Philippines, several foreign sportsbooks have started propping up offering punters with an opportunity to bet on their favorite sport. Online sabong, in fact, is a superior option when compared to betting in a local cockpit. For one, you do not need to leave your home to watch and bet on sabong events.

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Additionally, the entire process of betting on Sabong events is more streamlined and there is zero chance for any inaccuracies or disputes. Additionally, the payout is instant, and you can the cash to your bank account almost instantly using services such as Gcash and PayMaya, among others.

Online Sabong FAQs

What is the Legal Status of Online Sabong in the Philippines?

Yes, betting on online sabong is 100% legal. Only eSabong operations are banned in the country.

Which are the best online sabong websites?

We encourage players to check out available options, however the best in our opinion is 6D sabong.

What are the odds for sabong fights?

The odds are pre-set by the operators; however, the winning pot is shared with all winners based on their bet amount

Are there any good online sabong promotions or deals?

Yes, checkout 6D Sabong today, they have 50,000 Jackpot bonus offer for 2023.