Understanding the different breeds of gamefowl used in sabong in Philippines

different breeds of gamefowl

Sabong, or sometimes called cockfighting, is a prevalent form of entertainment in the Philippines. This entails two chickens competing against each other inside an area known as the “sabungan”.

A vast array of gamefowl breeds are used in sabong fights and each one brings with it unique characteristics that can influence the outcome. This article will explore some of the common gamefowl breeds found in the Philippines and their individual traits.

Kelso Gamefowl

Developed in the United States, the Kelso Gamefowl has become a well-recognized breed in the Philippines. Kelso Gamefowl is known for its remarkable strength as it boasts a strong beak, long legs and broad chest that makes it exceptionally powerful in the ring. Its muscular and compact build further adds to its formidable opponent credentials.

Kelso Gamefowl - cockfighting breed
Hatch Gamefowl sabong live

Hatch Gamefowl

Native to the US, the Hatch Gamefowl is popular in the Philippines because of its aggressive temperament and excellent fighting ability. This breed stands out among other gamefowl due to their sturdy constitution and strength in battle. These birds boast of a muscular build and broad chest, complemented by powerful beaks & long legs which allow them to deliver strong, effective blows to their opponents.

Sweater Gamefowl

The Sweater Gamefowl is a breed of fighting birds that can be traced back to the United States but have also become popular in the Philippines. These birds have distinctive aggressive personalities & are renowned for their superior battle abilities. With a solid build, powerful beak, long legs, and wide chest, they make an intimidating force in combat arenas. Their compact and sturdy figure gives them an advantage over other opponents.

Sweater Gamefowl sabong live
Radio Gamefowl

Radio Gamefowl

The Radio Gamefowl is a special breed of chicken, primarily found in the US but with growing popularity in the Philippines. Not only are these chickens known for their exceptional fighting abilities, but also for their great stamina & resilience to remain in an intense battle without backing down. They have a small, robust frame with a powerful beak, lengthy legs & wide chest

Asil Gamefowl

The Asil Gamefowl, commonly referred to as the Aseel, is a breed that originated in India which has gradually become popular in the Philippines. These birds are renowned for their athletic physique and fearsome attitude. With its robust chest, powerful beak, and sturdy legs, it can deliver brutal hits to its adversary.

Asil Gamefowl

It is important to recognize the various breeds of gamefowl used in sabong in the Philippines as this can be key to predicting the outcome of a fight. Every bird has its own distinct attributes that contribute towards making it a formidable opponent when it comes to cockfighting. It is critical to bear in mind that cockfighting is outlawed in numerous countries and should be shunned to prevent the mistreatment and abuse of animals.

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