How to choose the winning rooster: Online Sabong Philippines winning strategy.

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Breeders of gamebirds use a number of methods, but the main goal is to get the birds in the best physical and psychological condition for a fight. One Sabong’s legitimate platform,, is authorized by PAGCOR. Every day, experience free live Sabong events wherever you are with our adaptable mobile app.

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How to Choose a Good Sabong?

Selection of the Sabong Breed and Study of Good Mating Methods

Gamecocks are highly competent fighters with powerful bodies because they are raised to win fights. Neutrality is essential while mating hens. While choosing chickens, it will be very detrimental if the work on sorting me and chicken breeds is not done. This is the initial phase of mating. To learn how to acquire breeder hens, it is first recommended to consult with chicken buddies.

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This channel gives me comfort. If you ask a chicken friend for a breed of game cock, he won’t offer you his greatest game cock and is even less likely to give you one of his poorer game cock breeds. I won’t offer it to you because we are pals and he’ll probably give you a similar game cock. Sadly, a game cock will sour your relationship with him and your friend will divulge the precise origin of this fowl. This channel is quite comforting because of these and other related aspects.

Breeding Safety Measures

It is advisable to avoid utilizing young chickens with dry hair and birds older than five years old when breeding chickens, even if it is desirable to mix young and old chickens. The chicken should be stepped on once every day, and hens and roosters should be maintained apart during mating. The ratio of men to women shouldn’t be more than 1:5.

The gamecocks’ rate of fertilization will increase if this ratio is maintained, and the mating impact is quite potent. When choosing the eggs after mating, specific information regarding the source of the fighting eggs, such as the date, the parent status, etc., should be available.

Porter’s vivacious energy. It must be quarantined for a while before use, after making sure there is no issue, if it is a temporary borrowed or recently purchased breeder chicken, in order to prevent infecting your hens with illness. Typically, the surveillance period lasts between 15 and 20 days during the quarantine.

Sabong’s Breeding Technology

  • The purpose of reproduction: Fighting describes the innate aggressiveness of Sabong, which humans have domesticated and refined over thousands of years. It needs to be robust. Disk sex refers to the entire performance of Sabong on the battlefield. The middle game should be brutal, and the front game should be swift and aggressive.
  • Fighting, carrying, changing, and knowing how to hide are all necessary for excellent play. As it was already noted, I won’t repeat it here.
  • The essential requirements for battle are physical inspection, consistent body form, good hairiness, robust physique, and incredible strength. The most crucial factor is strength. No matter how technically advanced the body is, if it is thin, slender, and weak, it will not be able to perform well. Alternatively, if the front game is good but the middle game’s physical strength is lacking, technical performance will be subpar or nonexistent.
  • few faults No one is perfect, as the saying goes. Chickens are not perfect either. Chickens don’t seem to regret much. Despite how delicious the chicken is, there will always be problems. Simply said, it is the distinction between enormous and small, more and less.
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The common defects of Sabong are as follows:

  • Fighting
  • Adult chickens engaging in chicken sex (referring to adult chickens) Fighting
  • The first chapter, which can be used to identify the problem, introduces the benefits and drawbacks of each part of the chicken’s body as well as its numerous organs.

genetic constancy Why is genetic stability considered a requirement for high-quality chickens? So such chickens cannot be considered as good chickens if the first generation has mutated and new diseases emerge, even though all characteristics of the modern chicken still adhere to the original idea.

How long do roosters that fight live?

Roosters normally live for 5 to 8 years, while they can live up to 15 years. How long a rooster lives depends on a variety of factors, including its habitat, competition, degree of care, and if it is allowed to roam freely.

Which roosters are the greatest on live

The most well-known fighting chicken breed, the Hatch, was created in the US and was intended to win any confrontation. Hatchlings are extremely game, so much so that they resemble Whitehackle gamefowl.

What rooster is the strongest?

A huge, robust, durable, and muscular fighting chicken breed known as the Shamo rooster is employed in cockfighting, which is still legal in Japan and other Asian neighbors. Japanese culture also includes the practice of eating the defeated Shamo.

When does gamefowl breeding season begin?

Breeding season, which typically lasts from October through March, is an exciting time for gamefowl breeders. Breeders will concur that this method, despite requiring a lot of time and hard preparation, can be highly satisfying.